Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things Are Moving

Things are, indeed, moving along in the lighting department. After spending many hours online looking at chandeliers. Too many, too much lighting, too many shades. Finally found a great little light. So it is on the way. Then today Missie mentioned that perhaps the downlight would be annoying to sit under. Have no fear, the lights appear to be up or down lights, adjustable. I'm praying that is the on that I ordered. I'll check again tonight.
Another challenge faced: Learning to prune roses. Santino never learned, he just followed his instincts and all turned out well. My instincts have never been strong in the pruning department. (Best example my last year's fruit tree pruning. No fruit or too much fruit.) So I went to the Master Gardeners' class today. So much to learn, but since they were working on real plants, I could see what they were talking about, such as, old wood, dead wood, smiles, eyes, bypass pruners, loppers.
So I went to Lowe's and now I own goat skin gloves and bypass pruners. My Penelope rose has been given a severe trimming. The St. Patrick and Honor roses are shadows of their previous selves. The miniatures have disappeared. And I discovered that my oldest rose, is no longer anything but rootstock. The union may have been eliminated in my last pass two years ago.
Found my latest challenge in the guest room yesterday, damp papers on the file cabinet. Seems water got into the air vents during the big wind/rain storm that passed our way. Drip, drip, drip! Ugh!!

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