Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting Somewhere

Everyone has to start somewhere. I'm tired of having all these questions and not having anyone to bounce them off of. So I woke up this morning, 1-1-10, and decided to create a blog. Not that my life is so interesting, but my challenges are not so unusual. Someone out there may have perspective on the challenges, especially in prioritizing them.

It has taken me a year to describe myself this way: Widow, homeowner, Baby Boomer, Italian teacher, inexperienced urban farmer.
Challenges: maintaining a house, replacing a deck, landscaping yard, pruning and spraying 7 fruit trees and 10+ grapevines, planting rose bands, planning my retirement (or not).

Here are some of the questions I've been wrangling with:
What should I do first? Landscape backyard, replace 1/2 or all of the deck, insulate the ceiling, paint the inside of house, more to come.
How do you get a landscaper to respond to your call?
How do you caulk a bathtub and not have the caulking pop off when you get in and take a bath?
How should I or do I rearrange the plants in the front yard?
Should I paint the interior? The exterior was painted 3 or 4 yrs. ago. Inside never in 22 years.
How do I organize my hobby room?
When do I prune and spray fruit trees? Some of this I know, the rest I'm unsure of.

This week I hope to work on prioritizing my questions and dividing the projects into seasons.
Let me hear from you.

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