Sunday, January 3, 2010

Some Sunday's are Productive

Just as I thought I was getting somewhere with my challenges, I woke up tired. Not wanting to tackle any problems.

So I spent the day sewing shopping bags and making fleece scarves for my class. My shopping bag project is to give friends and family a shopping bag that is fancier than your standard supermarket reusable bag. Read about this project at I'm about half way through my list. They are really elegant.
The scarves are a semi-tradition of mine. Every year I have my class write at least 5 Thank You notes for their Christmas presents. On Friday we walk downtown to the Post Office and the kids buy stamps and mail their letters. Since it's usually cold, every few years I make scarves for the class. I'll post pictures after our Field Trip.

I thought last night that I need to make a list of small challenges (projects) for the house.
In no particular order:
1. Replace the grid on the glass door to my bedroom.
2. Buy and install a new light fixture for the dining room.
3. Finish setting up drip irrigation in front and back yards.
4. Finish pruning the peach and plum trees.
5. Make the guest room into a guest room, not a storage room.
6. Plan the garden for spring.
7. Finish all the sewing projects I have bought fabric for.
8. Plant something in the two other 1/2 wine barrels in the backyard.
9. Recaulk the bathtub.
10. Spray the fruit trees.
11. Buy and hang curtains for Kate's room.

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